Our Design Process

Focusing on aesthetics and functionality whilst quietly evoking emotions and ideas to reflect our clients own individual tastes

initial brief

Initial Consultation & Brief

We will arrange a site visit to view your garden and explore your preferences, style and requirements. On this visit we will carry out our own site analysis. However, we may schedule a second visit to survey levels. In some instances it is necessary to gain a professional survey, however this will only be obtained if requested by the client or is a necessity. Following this we will produce a written brief noting the outcomes of our site analysis, factors which will affect the design, and a design fee proposal.


Design Concept

We will present a proposed outline design with accompanying visuals to discuss ideas/options. This will include a 2D masterplan, elevation sketches, photos and samples. We will also provide a price estimation for the proposed design. A fixed design fee is charged at this stage.

Design Detailing

At this stage we pull together all comments and revisions to the initial design concept. We produce construction drawings, lighting plans, and make final selections on materials. Where necessary, we will work with Electricians, Architects and Engineers to ensure the correct solution is met

Design Detail

Planting Design

At this stage we work with our client to include personal plant preferences, and colour schemes. We will then produce a planting plan and specification that also takes into account practicality and personal requirements in terms of on-going maintenance options.

Full Itemised Quotation

Once all these elements have been agreed in writing, we will provide a full itemised quotation for every individual aspect of the design/building process.